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for cars, vans and trucks up to 7.5t

Repairs of all kinds

Six employees not only take care of the breakdown assistance, but also ensure that your vehicle is in top condition. Our independent garage is aimed at cars, vans and trucks up to a permissible total weight of seven and a half tons. The big advantage is that we provide accident assistance in several ways:  we ensure that your defective vehicle gets off the road quickly and without problems and in most cases we are also able to restore it to drive. To put it simply, we’ll get you going again – and often on the same day. As a car workshop for the Saxon Switzerland region, we are also a DEKRA service centre and are therefore able to carry out general inspection and the AU.

As a car workshop, we take care of the mechanical components of your vehicle as well as the body, paintwork and electronic components. Upon request, we will be happy to carry out a residual value diagnosis in advance and inform you of the remaining value of your vehicle and the expected price of a repair in the form of an expert report. Based upon this report you can decide whether and to what extent our work as a vehicle workshop is worthwhile for you. Whenever an accident has occurred, we can also take care of the “accident management” on request and help you with the expected “paperwork” with the insurance company. We would like to point out that we have been working trustfully with many insurance companies for years.

Our workshop is open daily from 7:00 to 18:00.

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Frequently Asked Questions

around our independent car workshop

We are “independent” –  what does that actually mean? An independent car workshop has the same skills and quality standards as any other workshop. The difference is that we are not tied to any vehicle manufacturer and therefore repair vehicles of all types and brands. Due to the legislation in the EU, we are able to read out the data of every vehicle with our diagnostic devices, just like an brand authorized workshop.

Whether in summer or winter: we have enough space to safely store the tires you do not need.

Please understand that we only carry out repairs by appointment. This results from the fact that our workload is usually quite high. But don’t worry: if you have urgent business, we hurry it up.

In accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications, we also carry out the german general inspection HU and the emission inspection AU in our workshop and work together with an external inspection service.

We always have an HU or AU carried out if you wish. We order the examiners or make an appointment with them for you.

For the HU you need a registration certificate part I, which was previously known as the “vehicle registration document”. Only if the vehicle is currently not registered do you also need the “vehicle registration document” or the registration certificate Part II. Technical changes such as tuning must be documented at any time.

We will ensure your mobility while a repair is in progress. You will receive a replacement car from us.

We repair all types of vehicles according to the manufacturer’s specifications. This also applies to electric cars, we have high-voltage certification.

You can have your vehicle repaired in an independent workshop, your guarantee is retained in any case.

You pay very conveniently when you pick up your vehicle, which is possible both in cash and with an EC card. Only in the case of a bank transfer you have to pay in advance.

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