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Towing Service Lesche

Towing service, rescue service and roadside assistance Lesche in Struppen

Towing service / 24-hour emergency service

Do you have a breakdown in Saxon Switzerland, the region around Dresden or in the Pirna area? Then we are happy to be your breakdown assistance and take over the towing service. Our job consists in towing cars and trucks and transporting them safely to our garage. Of course, you have the choice regarding the destination, so that we not only recover your vehicle, but also transfer it if you wish. Our area of activity is not limited to the east of Germany, it extends far into Czechia. The same applies to the return transfer, in which we are traveling within Germany as well as to Poland, the Czechia or Austria.

Our work is all-round. In concrete terms includes the securing of your vehicle and the towing service as well as breakdown assistance for cars, trucks and buses. In addition agricultural machinery and construction machinery are also in good hands with us. Are you traveling with your camper and having a breakdown? Problems with an electric car? Call Us!

Our vehicle fleet

Our emergency service is available 24 hours a day throughout the year. Our fleet consists of the following vehicles for towing cars and trucks of all weight classes:

Our company is high-voltage certified, we know exactly how to safely transport a vehicle with an electric drive.

Any questions? We also offer crane work and are your partner for insurance expertises and reliable repairs. If your vehicle is irreparable, we take care of the decommissioning, deregistration or even the car recycling on your behalf.

Impressions towing service

You can find more impressions of our daily work on our Facebook page.

Frequently Asked Questions

about our towing service

We take over both the purchase of your vehicle at its residual value and the work as an appraiser. Of course, you always have the choice of having a damaged vehicle repaired or not. We have been working trustfully with well-known insurers for many years and have drawn our first-class reputation from this.

To us, breakdown assistance always means that we provide you with a rental car. Our conditions are favorable and your mobility is always guaranteed by us.

If a vehicle can no longer be repaired, we will be happy to take over its decommissioning and deregistration upon request. This also includes car recycling.

Even if we have chosen Saxon Switzerland and the region around Dresden as our focus, we are also happy to work for you in other places. The return transport is possible from Poland as well as Austria and the Czechia.

We are practically not restricted in terms of the size and type of the vehicles to be towed. In concrete terms, this means that we also recover and tow trucks and buses. We also take care of the transport of construction machinery or agricultural machinery for you. We provide you with experience from many years of successful activity as breakdown assistance and towing service.

We are also allowed to tow an electric car. Our company has the necessary certifications and is able to work in the high-voltage area. We therefore fully comply with the employer’s liability insurance association requirements and all regulations.

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